Space Medicine Association

Website for Created using Wordpress CMS

Marton Brothers Debut Video

Video for Marton Brothers LLC. Produced, filmed, edited and exported video. Using Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Apple Motion.

Marton Brothers

Website for

U.S. Army REF Website

Created site in HTML using Dreamweaver, with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Website for Samurai Training Academy

Net Zero-to-the-Edge Workshop

Website for Scott Parazynski

Challenger Center 25 years

Logo for the Challenger Center 25th anniversary.

Josh Byerly Website

AIAA 2010 Booth Display

Trade show booth design, and creation for the AIAA 2010.

Spawar calendar and templates

Power point templates for Team Spawar and calendar cover.


Logo and patch and coin design created for the PMA-231.

San Diego Lawns & Turf Co.

Samurai Training Academy

Logo for Samurai Training Academy

Paradise Potions Website

Karen Miller Ferguson Website

CAL-EDA logo

Logo concept submission for CAL-EDA

Paradise Potions print work

Print and marketing collateral for Paradise Potions

JL Stormwater

Logo for JL Storm Water Consultants

Paradise Potions

Logo created for Melba's Paradise Potions

California Masonry

Logo Created for California Masonry

Action Fit Bootcamp

Logo created for Action Fit Bootcamp

Team Wyle Logo

Logo and T-shirt design created for the Team Wyle breast cancer walk.

Balboa Tennis Club San Diego

Logo for the Balboa Tennis Club of San Diego

Thiem Adventures

Team Spawar

Team Spawar logo created for Spawar

Mikes Woodcraft

Mikes Woodcraft logo created in Illustrator

Le French Bulldog

Vector illustration of my dog Sirius. Completed in about 3 hours.


Sunflower tattoo design

Woman in Towel

Vector artwork woman in towel

Canned Food

Canned food vector illustration created for iStockphoto


Aircraft vector illustration

Personalized Tattoo

Vector personalized tattoo design

Sunflower Painting

Sunflower painting 6' x 7' acrylic on canvas.

Beach Painting

Beach acrylic on canvas 2.5' x 4'

Cherry Blossoms Painting

Cheery blossom painting, acrylic on canvas 4' x 2.5'

Blue Bamboo Painting

Bamboo painting 5' x 3' total size, acrylic on canvas.

Orchids and Leaves

Vector art for iStockphoto

Hybiscus Flowers

Vector art for iStockphoto


Vector art for iStockphoto

Action Fit Bootcamp collateral

Action Fit Bootcamp print and marketing material

JL Storm Water collateral

Print and marketing material for JL Storm Water

AFCEA West booklet cover

AFCEA West Conference booklet cover design

Local Motors + USArmy REF

Click here to watch

USArmy REF Energy Video

Click here to watch

10,000 hours of Flight

Click here to watch

Moon and Stars animation

Flash animation indicating night sky constellations.

Wyle Did you Know Video

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Colbert Treadmill

Click here to watch

Firefly animation

Light switch flash animation with fireflys.

Power Point Presentations

Power Point Custom Theme