Creating a Customized Xbox Controller

How to create your own personalized custom Xbox controller. First get yourself a new Xbox controller and keep the packaging as you will need this later (if it’s a gift of course). Get your tools/supplies ready and organized. TIP: You will need a T9 screw driver, its probably best to pick up a set of these screwdrivers if you don’t have them already.
You will also need, a small Philips head screw driver, sand paper, painters tape, a matte knife, cutting surface, tweezers, spray primer, spray paint, glossy clear coat spray, small Ziploc bags, news paper or something to paint on.


How to make your own Thomas the train costume!

This year I decided to make my son’s Halloween costume. And since he is obsessed with Thomas the train, he just had to be Thomas of course. And lets face it folks, the rather lame looking store bought Thomas costumes are just a waste of creativity. I mean it looks like someone took a big […]