Pay It Forward!

I was feeling kinda down today, so I went to my local drive through Starbucks for my usual Frappachino delight. There’s a long line around the building but I don’t mind. I order and when I get to the window the barista hands me my drink but refuses my payment. I look at her confused. She smiles and says the lady in the car ahead of me paid for my drink and wanted to tell me to have a great Sunday and god bless.

WOW! How awesome, I think to myself. I just experienced a real “pay it forward” moment. And on September 11th of all days. I almost start to cry. And suddenly realize how something as a simple kind gesture from a complete stranger can turn around someones entire day. I drive off with a big smile and thoughts of how I could then pay it forward to someone else today.  I haven’t done so yet today but hopefully just by blogging about it I can inspire others to pay it forward today as well.

Think about it. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Sept 11th. A day that all who experienced it will never forget. On this day let’s take a moment to remember all the men/women and service people who gave their lives to protect our freedom. Reflect on our own lives and how much we have grown & how much we have changed in the past 10 years.

And if u can… do something nice for a complete stranger today. PAY IT FORWARD! Just like the military, fire and police officers do for you everyday just as they did on Sept 11th.