Ragnar Relay 200 miles of fun!

After months or training, race day is almost here TEAM WOLFPACK is ready to take on the streets of So-Cal!!Our gear is all packed, and we have the power of the  “3 Wolf Shirt” at our disposal! Watch out kids!

Here is the current list of race essentials….

-The uniform

3 Wolf Shirt, hot shorts, BAD ASS socks, running shoes, and assorted 80 essential gear!

-Safety first

Mace, reflective running vest, 2 LED lights, headlamp, and sunscreen!


Energy bars, WATER, running belt, WATER, and candy!


We were luckily able to use some fellow team mates vehicles! Thanks team!

-Maps & extras

Your course maps, music, mix cds, and ziplock bags for your smelly clothes.

Below is the course map! Watch out So-Cal! Here we come! Race photos soon to follow. :)

Cara -

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