New site is up!

New website is unofficially launched. :)
The yearly site makeover has begun and I’m switching things up a bit this year with WordPress as my CMS backend.
I’ve also done some clean up and removed a lot of work from past projects. And added a lot of work from newer projects that I haven’t had time to put up for a while. I’ve also integrated my blog directly into my site. So you can read my latest ramblings within one site now thanks to the CMS.

So why give your entire site a start from scratch make over every year, you ask….
Well remaking my site every year helps me stay up to date with the latest in web development and design. And because design is my passion, I find it fun to create a new site for myself where I have complete freedom of creativity over it to try new things and figure out what works and what doesn’t for future projects. This helps me to be more efficient with my work, and quicker at creating a beautiful functioning project.

UPDATE: 11/18/2010 Site has now been fully redirected and is viewable to everyone now. :) I hope you like my latest work.

Cara -

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